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Amit Kumar Jha


I create the World's BEST and SAFEST websites
& Lead Entrepreneurs to Success...

Serial Entrepreneur, Web Developer, Journalist, Blogger, Author, Startup Consultant, Innovator & Trainer - Proudly From India

Governor's Medalist

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Lets Introduce Myself!

I live in the world's larger economic marketplace India, and I create the best and most secure websites. I have found numerous brands and have been creating Entrepreneurs across the Globe. I am the Founder and Chief Executive of the WEBNext Labs group of Business. I am also a co-founder at News247plus, DiBBLER, and few more Organizations.

I started programming since 12 years of age and I created my first graphics game while in seventh Standard. I created my first website in the year 1998. I have created numerous applications and websites since then I have worked with more than one thousand clients across the globe.

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ISBN: 978-1976726316

Services I Provide

If you have a problem... I am the Solution

    Design the world's best and safest websites with amazing UI and UX

    Provide Life-changing training on various technology and Entrepreneurship

    Help you set up your business from scratch and get everything essential.

    Provide legal, compliance and and technial Facilities.

    Help you find the best ideas and Marketing tips to boost your business.